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Students hub.


Ultimo, Sydney


September, 2019


Revit,3Ds Max, Photoshop

Location: Billy Blue College of Design, Ultimo Campus, Level 2, Sydney

Torrens University Australia is part of Laureate International Universities, each student automatically connected with over 80 institutions worldwide, 
including business schools from around the globe.

Client brief

  • Improve customer experience

  • Transform that into welcoming space

  • Each pod/ zone have their own identity

  • Psychological separation, feeling of privacy and 
    connectivity with the other students and the staff

  • Connect with nature by opening the assess 
    to the windows. 

  • Provide students with the link to the outside world, 
    opportunity to rest their eyes and relax their 

  • Bring people together

  • Improve wellbeing


The key considerations for creating the Students Hub proposal.



The new design is historically connected to the site with respect and care. The new concept serves as a junction between old and new.



The open-circuit connects all the people working on the level.

Creative collaboration is the heart and soul of the space.


Natural light:

Unblocked, direct natural light provides sustainable and energy-saving illumination

during the day.


Activating the campus:

Provides new learning concept by uniting interdisciplinary ideas and people, igniting sharing and making.


Flexible Future:

Modularity, tailored user experience for better productivity.


Natural materials and color palette:

Concrete, timber, glass- are robust to stand the expected wear and tear of creative production.


3Ds Max, Photoshop