Working Space
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December 2018


3Ds Max, Photoshop

Location: Sydney parks and beaches

With a host of natural attractions, Sydney is featuring leafy and spacious parks, beaches with shining sand; Sydney is a nature lover’s oasis.


Client brief

The brief was to design a physical or virtual space workspace and a meeting space that could be flexible to fit into a multiplicity of different locations and configurations. It should be easy to transport and assemble.

It should be the office space that brings with it the idea of a utopian space that embodies work/life balance; alleviates peak hour traffic, and can be easily facilitated through technology.



The idea was to create two types of flexible and multifunctional working pods.

The first working pod is suitable for the installation in the parks, beaches and any other location around the city. It resembles a tree and made of recycled timber. The unique, comfortable and attractive working space will attract the users who value the outdoor lifestyle.

The second pod is a small meeting space that resembles a floating lotus flower on the water surface. This space could be placed anywhere on the water around Sydney. It will provide a shelter both from the sun and the rain. The users will appreciate the working space with beautiful views combined with comfort, privacy, and tranquility.

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