The Indigenous Cultural
Art Center


Sydney CBD


December 2018​


3Ds Max, Photoshop

Location: Town Hall, Sydney

The urban precinct around Sydney’s Town Hall is home to some of Sydney’s the city’s most significant heritage sandstone architecture, including the neo-Gothic St Andrews’ Cathedral and the flamboyant high Victorian Town Hall and Queen Victoria Building.


Client brief

The task was to research a nominated site, explore cultural, environmental, social, technological and sustainable issues, community needs and possibilities and respond to this site by generating an innovative design outcome that can be sustained into the future.



The design solution is to build a multi-functional pavilion, a symbol of storytelling and togetherness of Aboriginal culture, to foster a strong sense of community. The main functions of the structure are connectivity, flexibility, and experience.

The roof consists of the wooden shading elements, creating a dynamic shadow effect that changes with the movement of the sun, clouds and seasons. Two levels of the gallery will engage visitors to explore and experience the culture of aboriginal Australia. 

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